Day 13- Declutter your linen


Welcome to day 13 of The 30 Day Simplify Your Life Challenge, today I am decluttering and organizing my linen. This includes sheets, pillow cases, blankets, and towels. For some people that have lived in their homes longer, they may own more linen then I do. For me, today will be easy as I own one sheet set with a pillowcase and a blanket, two towels, and two face cloths.

Today for more is more about organizing and cleaning than it is about decluttering, as everything I own in this area gets used on a regular basis and is important. So I started today off by stripping my bed and getting all of my towels and face cloths together into a basket and taking them to the laundry room and waiting for a few hours for them to be done.

When they were done everything got nicely put back on my bed and under the sink in my bathroom all fresh and clean!


Tomorrow’s challenge is decluttering your sentimental items, so please check in for that!

And if you are doing the challenge as well tell me how it is going for you in the comments below!

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