Day 9- Declutter your kitchen


Welcome to day 9 of The 30 Day Simplify Your Life Challenge, today I decluttered my kitchen! Some people might have more than me to declutter in this area. I don’t own my own house and living with roommates means the kitchen is shared space. I just focused on what I have on my shelf in the pantry today.


My guiding questions for today are:

Is this still good?

Will I eat it?

Is it vegan?

Do I like it?

Why am I keeping it?


I didn’t have much to do for this part of the challenge. I went through my food and moved the food I had to go through first to the front and the rest back a bit. I also organized The vegan from the old non-vegan foods I had left over and decided to bring them forward so I have to finish them up first as well. I don’t want to waste anything. I then gave my space a quick clean and put everything back in the pantry. Today was a quick and easy day for me!


Tomorrow’s challenge is decluttering your Makeup/Bathroom,  so please check in for that!

And if you are doing the challenge as well tell me how it is going for you in the comments below!

*featured image taken by me*

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