Day 8- Declutter your social media


Social media can be such an amazing tool for reaching out to people and creating communities when used the right way and with intention. All too often though we find ourselves in a trap of mindlessly scrolling and liking for hours or our day. Even I am completely guilty of this. My main social media traps are Instagram and Pinterest, which I could spend hours scrolling through if I let myself.

This is why every once in a while I like to go through my following list and make sure who I am following are accounts that are actually adding to my life, not wasting my time. Time is valuable and I average an hour a day on Instagram when all of the time I spend on it throughout the day is added up. That’s just five minutes here and there but it adds up, proving we need to be conscious of our time and how we spend it.


My guiding questions for today’s challenge are:

Do I know this person?

Do I feel happy with the content they put out?

Would I be friends with this person if I did know then in real life?



I have had my notifications turned off for a few years now, and the world hasn’t ended yet. I haven’t missed out on anything big, I just hear about it later. I’ve even gone through spans of time where I have done social media detoxes, meaning I have deleted social media apps for at least 30 days and never missed them. There are even apps out there to help you track your time spent on other apps, and even block them for time periods. There are lots of ways to help manage your time on social media, but a start is definitely being conscious of who you follow.


Tomorrow’s challenge is decluttering your kitchen,  so please check in for that!

And if you are doing the challenge as well tell me how it is going for you in the comments below!

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