Day 7- Declutter your digital space


Welcome to day 7 of The 30 Day Simplify Your Life Challenge, Today I am decluttering my digital space. I have to admit, I am not great with technology so I had to look up how to do some of the things for today’s challenge. Needless to say, today’s challenge was a challenge within itself but at least it was a learning experience.


Today I don’t really have guiding questions, but I have areas to basically go through and dump from my computer. Muchelle recommends dumping your downloads folder, emails, trash bin, going through photos, and other digital files.


I had a lot of things in my downloads folder because I didn’t even know the thing existed or that I could empty it. Mostly everything in it was outdated so I ended up dumping it and emptying my trash bin.


My next step of the challenge was getting the photos off my phone and onto my laptop where I could go through them and the ones I keet go into a storage device. A word of advice. Don’t try to move over 600 photos to a storage device at once if you want any order to it. I did that and they just went everywhere, but at least I have space on my phone now.


My last step of the challenge was to go through old documents on my computer and then empty my trash bin and I was done for the day.


Tomorrow’s challenge is decluttering your social media,  so please check in for that!

And if you are doing the challenge as well tell me how it is going for you in the comments below!

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