Over the holidays I was grateful to have received some new clothing from my family and to have the chance to replace some of the older items I had in my closet. This has made this the best time to go through my clothes now that I have new ones to replace old ones that I no longer need.



In her video series, Muchelleb is all about the guiding questions. When I decide whether or not to keep clothing items I use some of her questions and some of my own.

Does this fit properly?

Does it make me feel good?

Does it fit my style?

Does it fit my color palette?

Is it damaged?

Is it simple to take care of?

These are the questions I like to ask myself when I am going through my clothing. If it doesn’t fit me properly the chances of it actually fitting me ever are slim. If it doesn’t make me feel good and doesn’t suit my style then there is no point in having it. If it is damaged I probably won’t fit it or pay to have it fixed, and if it’s too much effort to take care of I’m too lazy to own it.



Back in 2017 when I did the challenge I was in the process of getting rid of all of my girl clothes and replacing them with men’s clothing as I transitioned. I got rid of most of the clothing I owned that January.



Over the years I have gone through many different tastes in style but it wasn’t until the summer that I actually found something that I felt comfortable with. I try to stick with a neutral style of clothing that will still probably look good in a few years as styles change. I will be talking about my personal style later on in the challenge. Today after sorting through my wardrobe and asking myself my guiding questions I can definitely say I didn’t get rid of as much as I did in 2017. I was still surprised how much clothing I actually had and how much extra I had to declutter. A high maintenance shirt, some PJ tops I don’t wear, and some T-shirts with fabric I was never a fan of got added to my donation basket. I also got rid of some sweaters and T-shirts that brought back emotions that aren’t positive. The clothing I decided to keep all got neatly hung back in my closet for later.   


Tomorrows part of the challenge is decluttering books, so please check in for that!

And if you are doing the challenge as well tell me how it is going for you in the comments below!

*Featured image taken by me*

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