Sometimes having something to look forward to can make all the difference, whether it be something coming up in a week, or something a year from now. The anticipation leading up to an event is half of what makes it so fun. That is why scheduling fun things are just as important as the doctor’s appointments. Whether it’s a trip to a place you’ve wanted to go for a while, or just planning to order in a pizza and binge Netflix, taking a break and treating yourself is important. So below I have compiled some of my ideas for things you can do to in 2019 to grow yourself.




  1. Learn a new skill

Learning something new would be a great way to kick off the new year. The knowledge and skills we learn we can take everywhere with us, and learning is a wonderful gift. This can be anything from learning to cook a new meal, to editing videos. Learning is a great way to grow ourselves and can also be a great creative outlet. A skill I plan on learning in 2019 is meditation, which I hope to talk about in future posts.


  1. Show gratitude

Showing gratitude for what we have and being thankful for the people in our lives can be a great way to feel good while making those around you feel good. Too often we get caught in our busy lives and don’t take the time to tell those around us that we appreciate them and what they do for us. Something I plan on doing this year for Mothers and Fathers day is writing letters to my parents to thank them and show them how much I appreciate the little things they do for me.


  1. Take up a hobby

Like learning new skills, taking up a new hobby can be good for you. Not only are you learning something new but in the process, you can also connect with people who share an interest in the same things as you, creating a whole new social space for yourself. There are hundreds of thousands of hobbies to choose from, so whatever you are interested in there is something out there for you. This year I plan on getting into photography and photo editing!

  1. Join social events

Getting out of your comfort zone and going to social events can be hard for a lot of people, including myself. But being social has proven to be good for your mental health, and contributes to our happiness. This year I plan on getting out more and being social by joining some of the free and low-cost social groups that my local town offers.


  1. Go to music festivals

Music is one of the most amazing things about life in my opinion. I think it’s pretty cool that people have the ability to string together sounds to make beautiful songs and music to listen to and enjoy. Celebrating music by going to concerts and music festivals is a great way to treat yourself and have fun. I try to make a point to get out to at least one music festival a year and a couple concerts. My favorite things to do is to support local artists and people just starting out.


  1. Have a self-care day

Take a day to do whatever it is you need to do to take care of yourself. This can mean something different to everyone as every person is unique and has unique and different needs. This can mean taking time to do sometime you really enjoy, or it can mean doing some basic self-care tasks.


  1. Celebrate

Take time to celebrate. Whether it’s something big or something small there are lots of things to celebrate in everyday life, so why wait for one day in the year to come around to celebrate life? Celebrate the small wins in your life.  


  1. Go on a you-date

This doesn’t sound very fun, but taking yourself out to the movies or out for coffee every once in a while can be a great way to get yourself better. When you have time to do things alone without the judgment of others you have the chance to learn what you really like and don’t like and ask yourself some of life’s greatest questions.


  1. Challenge yourself

30-day challenges are my favorite, but there are all kinds of ways to challenge yourself. You can challenge yourself to try something new, quit a bad habit, or learn a new skill. Challenges are a fun way to learn and grow.  


  1. Go somewhere new

Whether it’s to some far away destination you’ve always wanted to go to or just an area of your city you’ve never been to, there are adventures around every corner if you go looking for them.


  1. Have a fun night in

Having fun doesn’t have to mean going out and spending a bunch of money. You can have fun in your own home, plan a night for you and your friends to get together and play games, do crafts, or just chat. Be creative!


  1. Get things done

For 2019 I have scheduled in 12 life admin days to my calendar, one for each month. These days are days I know I won’t be doing anything so I can dedicate these days to getting things done and reorganizing my life at the end of each month. Getting things checked off your to-do list can feel really good and I personally consider it a part of my self-care.


I hope you enjoyed some of these ideas and that they inspired you to make some plans for 2019 activities yourself! What things would you add to this list? Leave a comment below!

*Featured image taken by me*

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