Everyone is unique and everyone brain works differently than the next person’s. That is why when it comes down to planning out our time we are all different. We choose different methods of planning that best suit how our own brain works and what makes the most sense with our style.


Although everyone is unique and chooses what best suits their style of thinking, there are some commonly used types of planning out there.


Lots of people love the simplicity of a good calendar, including myself. I like to use an electronic calendar that I can have on all of my devices, but many people preffer a wall calendar or a book to carry.

Day Planners

These are tools used to block out sections of the day. People who prefer this method often will set up weekly or daily spreads and block out times they are busy and write in what they will be doing at that time. This helps avoid confusion as to where everyone should be at what time of the day. I personally can’t work with this method as I find it too restrictive.  

Prioritizing tasks

Some people like to pick ut the top three to five most important tasks of the day and focus their day around getting them completed. This is a great way to accomplish small short-term goals every day.

Bullet Journals

I recommend bullet journaling for those who have a creative mind that can’t be confined to strict planners. A Bullet Journal is an all in one diary, day planner, notebook, sketchpad, collection and it is up to you how it is created. All you need is a blank notebook, a pen, and creativity. There are lots of Pinterest boards for inspiration, and a whole website dedicated to getting started by the creator of Bullet Journaling.

Visualization goal setting

Visualization is a fairly new trend that is on the rise. Waking up each morning and thinking about what you want to accomplish in your day and getting the good vibes flowing early can make all of the difference to your day.  



I used to use the Bullet Journaling method, and I had a lot of fun with it. The problem was I was doing it without intention. I would write down goal after goal, color the pages a bit and flip to a new page, probably to never look at my goals again. I got too wrapped up in making my journal look nice, and it lost its purpose. Eventually about two months into the year I would stop updating my monthly logs and stop working towards my goals. I had no focus.  


In 2019 I am trying something new, something I have never tried before. I am putting Bullet Journaling away. On her YouTube channel, Muchelleb released a video talking about how she plans her weeks, and I have taken inspiration from her method to create my 2019, weekly planner.

At the front of my planner, before the actual planning starts I have written a few things about 2018. What I was grateful for, what I learned, what my wins were, what worked and didn’t work for me in general. I wrote out five personal policies, which are rules I am setting for myself in the coming year. I made some monthly plans to do some awesome and fun things throughout 2019. And lastly, I wrote out my goals.

In Muchelle’s video on goal setting for 2019, she talked about choosing a word to theme the year around. A word that kept coming back to me was “healthy” because most of my goals for 2019 are around my health. I wrote some thoughts about where I wanted to be in a years time (visualization) and then wrote out five basic goals, and five health goals. I also included a savings goal for a trip I want to go on in 2020!

I then started my weekly planner, which consists of three twelve-week goals, a to-do list for those goals, a to-do list for this blog, and a life admin list. Life admin is just anything you need to get done, like calling the dentist or moping the hallway.

I plan on using this to-do system coupled with Google Calendar and Google Keep.


This is my plan for planning in 2019, I just thought I would share it with you! How do you plan out your time, do you use any of the methods I have described, or do you use other methods? Also, if you have ideas for content you want me to talk about in 2019 let me know. Leave a comment below!

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