1. Clothes that don’t fit you anymore
  2. Clothes that are old and damaged
  3. Clothes that you hate
  4. Shoes that don’t fit
  5. Shoes that are old and damaged
  6. Shoes that you hate
  7. Jewelry you never use
  8. Extra bags
  9. Bags you hate
  10. Extra luggage
  11. Books you don’t read anymore
  12. Books you need to return
  13. Books missing parts of a series
  14. Textbooks
  15. Recipes for small purchases
  16. Manuals and warranties
  17. Greeting cards
  18. Old papers
  19. Shred outdated documents
  20. Shred credit card and bank statements
  21. Old course materials
  22. CD’s and DVD’s
  23. Stationery supplies
  24. Pens that you hate
  25. Expired lotions
  26. Expired cosmetics
  27. Expired medications
  28. First aid supplies (restock this!)
  29. Duplicates of tools
  30. Broken tools
  31. Extras for hobbies
  32. Collectables
  33. “Just in case” items
  34. Old linen
  35. Old blankets
  36. Old towels
  37. Stuffed animals
  38. Children’s toys
  39. Children’s clothes
  40. Pet supplies
  41. Sports Gear
  42. Extra winter items
  43. Old swimwear
  44. Emergency supplies
  45. Rain gear
  46. Cleaning supplies
  47. Plates, bowls, and cups
  48. Cutlery
  49. Pots and pans
  50. Other kitchen items
  51. Decor
  52. Holiday decorations
  53. Sentimental items
  54. Printed photos
  55. Things from past relationships
  56. Things other people used to value
  57. Cards
  58. Letters
  59. Art
  60. School memories



This list follows closely to the book “Spark Joy” by Marie Kondo and her decluttering method, which I love. In January I will be doing a 30-day decluttering series based off of her decluttering method. The 30-day-simplify-your-life-challenge was created by a YouTuber I look up to and highly recommend, Muchelleb.



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