We all have stuff in our lives, whether we are minimalists or not. It is impossible to live in a consumer society and not consume. Even some minimalists have to continuously minimalize their stuff as they bring new things into their lives. In my own journey towards minimalism, I have found that the stuff we tend to hold onto falls into a few different categories. I’m not saying everyone should just get up a chuck all of their stuff right now, what I am saying is we need to evaluate why we hold onto things and if our relationship with our stuff is healthy.  



Everyone has stuff that they don’t have the heart to get rid of because it means something to them, and that is totally valid. Whether it’s printed photos, old papers, stuffed animals, or whatever it is, it is important to you. I have a small box full of small things I have kept from my childhood and when I was a teenager.


You know that thing you have been holding onto for the past two years because you thought you might use it one day? Chances are if you haven’t used it yet you probably won’t. My rule is if I haven’t gotten around to using it in six months, (seasonal items might get a pass on this one) I donate it.


A lot of people hold on to things they never use because it was expensive. The truth about these items is you can make money off of them again if you want to. For the items that I spent a lot of money on that I no longer need, I try to seel them, making money off of them.


A lot of people have hobbies, or even jobs, that require them to own a lot of stuff. People who are into crafts, scrapbooking, horseback riding, sports, and many other great activities need a lot of things to enjoy what they do. If it comes down to doing what you love then that is where you define minimalism. Everyone has their own definition of minimalism, and it is ok to have nice things.  


Lots of people have collections, I personally collect horse figurines. Again it all comes down to what makes you happy and what your definition of minimalism is.


A lot of people like to hold onto things that are broken or damaged because they believe that one day they are going to get around to fixing it. In my experience, this has never happened. I just end up moving the said object around and never actually fix it.


So tell me, what is your experience with stuff? Leave me a comment below! Also, do you have any suggestions for future blog posts you would like to see here?

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